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How to ship a car: All you need to know about it

Learn how to ship your car in 3 quick, simple, and easy steps

1 Get a quote and
book your order
2 We pick up
your vehicle
You receive
your vehicle

Learning how to transport a car can be necessary for various reasons. For instance, you might have bought your dream car online and need to ship it overseas to your location. Alternatively, you may be relocating due to a promotion or new job and need to know how to ship your car from one state to another. Some of you may be traveling south for the winter and require knowledge on how to ship a car cross country.

If you are looking for information on how to ship a car within the US or overseas, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about car shipping.

How to ship a car in 3 easy steps

Shipping a car can be a simple process if you follow three easy steps. Firstly, obtain a quote from an auto transport company and reserve your shipment. Secondly, the company will pick up your car from your chosen location. Finally, your car will be transported and delivered to you.

Understanding these steps can give you peace of mind when shipping your car. Our auto transport information page offers all the necessary details to make the process easy, stress-free, and seamless.

Step 1

Get a quote and book your order

To learn how to ship a car across the country or anywhere else, the first step is to obtain a quote. Contact us today to receive your free instant quote. You can use our online quote calculator, which only takes a few minutes, or speak with our shipping advisors directly at +1(737) 377-2270 or via Live Chat.

When you reach out to us for information on how to transport a car, we will request some basic details such as the city and state for pick-up and delivery, the make, model, and year of the vehicle, whether it is operational or not, your preferred shipping method, and the First Available Pick-up Date.

How long is a quote valid for?

When you get in touch to find out how to ship a car, your quote will be valid for seven calendar days. You can update your quote or get a new one at any time.

Can you guarantee a pick-up date?

If you’re wondering how to transport a car at the last minute, you’ll be pleased to learn we can guarantee a pick-up date.

What does First Available Pick-Up Date mean?

This is the day your vehicle is ready to be picked up.

Can I get a quote if I don’t know the exact address?

Yes, you can, but we will need to know the correct pick-up and delivery city/ZIP codes.

Is my vehicle fully insured during car transport?

Yes, all vehicles are covered by the motor carrier’s cargo insurance. There are, however, usually limitations that you’ll need to be aware of. When it comes to how to ship a car to Hawaii, your shipment will be subject to the ocean freight liners’ insurance limitation.

Step 2

We pick up your vehicle

The second step in shipping your car is the pick-up process. The carrier assigned to your shipment will contact you a few hours before they arrive. It’s important to ensure that commercial vehicles can access the pick-up location, so check for any restrictions, narrow streets, or low-hanging branches that could obstruct the carrier’s truck and trailer.

If there are any issues, don’t worry as you can easily arrange for a more suitable location. You could consider meeting at a nearby street that’s wider or a pick-up location at your workplace or a nearby parking lot .

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What should I do to prepare my vehicle for transport?

It is recommended that you wash your vehicle before it is shipped. This allows you to make an accurate evaluation of your vehicle’s condition at the time of the pick-up. Another recommendation is that you remove your toll transponder and any personal belongings.

Can I change my First Available Pick-up Date?

Yes, it is possible to change your First Available Pick-up Date. You can do it by phone, Live Chat, or email before or after booking.

What is a Bill of Lading (BOL)?

A Bill of Lading is an important document because it serves as a receipt for freight services. But that’s not its only role. It acts as a record of the condition of your vehicle. The Bill of Lading is also filled out with the pick-up and delivery locations, the type of car being shipped, and the freight amount being paid for services rendered.

What is top load placement?

Auto transport trailers typically have two levels. You can request a top load placement, which means your vehicle is loaded on the second level, where it will be better protected.

Step 3

You receive your vehicle

Shipping a car is a simple process that doesn’t take much time. Once the carrier is close to your delivery location, they will contact you as a courtesy to inform you of their arrival time so that you can be available to receive your car. If you are unable to be present, you can nominate someone else who is 18 or older to act on your behalf, such as a colleague, neighbor, relative, or friend.

When your car is delivered, the driver will ask you to inspect it and compare its condition to the Bill of Lading. Now you will need to pay the final amount to the driver. You can pay to the driver via Cash on Delivery, Cashapp, Venmo, Zelle, Personal Cheque or Money order.

How can I track my vehicle while it’s in transit?

You can track your vehicle throughout the shipping process by phone, email, or Live Chat.

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